Laminate and Painting

Surgery/Repair of facias

Facias of our vehicles is first in suffering damage with collisions at low speed or sidewalks, top and parking aprons. In AutoBodyShop we know that a physical change and painting are expensive and offer an efficient alternative: The surgery of facias. Using polymeric resins 3M of last generation and perfectly taken traditional techniques, AutoBodyShop can practically reconstruct and repair any damage that has his facia by a fraction of the price that you would pay by an agency spare part. Call us to agendar an appointment and to evaluate the piece at issue to give a budget him without commitment.

Repair of dents without painting

Many blows that receive our cars in parking or by negligences can be repaired without the necessity to paint thanks to the materials that are used for the modern manufacture of our vehicles and the resistance of their paintings. Allow us to evaluate the blows or dents that its car has to know if they are susceptible to be repaired without the necessity to paint.

Customized Custom painting

Painting of Calipers de Freno

With resistant painting to the temperature

Painting of interiors of motor

Repair of you fight


Polished and Waxed

Nothing conserves and embellishes more to a car or motorcycle that polishing and waxing periodically. It maintains the painting shining as new and conserves the value of our vehicle by more time. In AutoBodyShop we only used the best polishes of the brand PRO

®in order to give to its car or motorcycle a professional treatment and to emphasize and to conserve the original of its painting and finished beauty.

Washing of Interiors

When expueto being to the wearing down and daily use, the dirt and until with food in some cases, the interiors of our cars are set out to turns dirty and to decay long before that the outside of our vehicle. Benefit of the interior of its car renewed and with scent to new after a session of professional washing of interiors with the best equipment, professional detergents and spot removers, only in AutoBodyShop.

Polished of lights and skulls

It does not allow that some opaque lights discredit the general appearance of their automobile. Our service of polished of lights and skulls, not only improves the aesthetic one of its vehicle but it maintains the security standards under which they were created.

Renovation and recovery of ill-fated of cars

Restaruación of classic cars


Disc perforation

AutoBodyShop offers perforation to him of original discs of its vehicle. Greater ventilation and better appearance without spending more. Using original discs of its vehicle, AutoBodyShop will give an appearance him to its disk brakes.

Kit aerodynamic (installation and painting)

In AutoBodyShop we give to the service of aerodynamic installation and painting of kits as which it offers in the Airdesign market, Caractere, Irmscher or Brabus. It does not leave its vehicle in inexpert hands; we have the quality, the painting and the experience that its vehicle needs.

Painting of Interiors of Motor


Upholstery in skin

Other Services

Repair and service of quemacocos