Renovation and recovery of ill-fated of cars

AutoBodyShop counts on the service of recovery of cars after a wreck or to renew your car of old model. We count on the support of stores and repairing international nationals and to locate to accessories, articles or spare parts helping you to that you do not have to make a heavy investment by a unit of recent model.

Ill-fated recovery of disabled vehicles

If accounts with the possibility of acquiring a ill-fated vehicle or you have one, in AutoBodyShop we recovered the original appearance of the vehicle putting special interest in your security and the conservation of your patrimony since we counted on years of experience that endorse to us and cause that we are the best ones.

Renovation of cars

You want to renew your vehicle or to wear for the first time without buying new car? You do not wait for more! In AutoBodyShop we offer the service of renovation and detailed end to inject new life to your vehicle without concerning year and model.

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