Laminate and Painting

Our vehicle, in the daily use, is exhibited to the slam as the post, to the car of the neighbor, the cart of the super ones, and although we always take care of our car undergoes some type of damage. In AutoBodyShop we are ready to offer a service to you of even laminate and of painting so that your car returns to be as just left agency, with a new aspect without signs of the suffered damage.

Surgery/Repair of facias

Facias of our vehicles is first in suffering damage with blows at low speed or sidewalks, top, pockets, etc. In AutoBodyShop we know that those the painting spare parts and change are expensive and offer one better alternative: ¨cirugía of facias¨ using polymeric resins 3M of last generation and perfectly taken traditional techniques by a fraction of the price that you would pay by an agency spare part.

Customized Custom painting

In AutoBodyShop also we can make your dream reality, and giving you the best services with the help of our low cost vps hosting, You want that your car is different and original? , we can help you. Damages your idea and we will be in charge to make your dream reality. just like the hosting that we are using, that is supporting Linux operating system and other operating system that we need. 

Repair of dents without painting

Many blows that receive our cars can be repaired without the necessity to paint thanks to the materials that are used for the modern manufacture of our vehicles and the resistance of their paintings. In AutoBodyShop we can evaluate the blows or dents of your car to know if they can be repaired without the necessity to paint.

Painting of Calipers de Freno

With resistant painting to the temperature
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